"I recommend this approach to my clients experiencing TMJ-d.  It's a great, alternative method to addressing jaw dysfunction."  

Dr Dara Kessler. 
DMD The integrative Dental Practice

For back pain

After my first session at Craniosacral Awareness I slept for 10 hours...and the shooting back pains I'd had were completely gone.”
Leonard Bakalchuk, MD

For infants

"Joshua has helped many of the breastfeeding families with whom I work, specifically around problems associated with birth and oral motor skills."

Leigh Anne O'Connor, IBCLC. Lactation Consultant

How Craniosacral Awareness can help your Jaw:

Craniosacral Awareness addresses both the stress in a client's entire nervous system and the specific tensions in the back, chest and neck that contribute to TMJ-D.

Stress is often a major cause of teeth grinding and clenching. Our first step towards releasing TMJ-D symptoms is to help your nervous system slow down and settle.

Using a variety of gentle awareness raising hand positions along your back and head, clients begin to naturally release their own holding patterns. These gentle releases improve the slow, rhythmic flow of cerebrospinal fluid so your nervous system can settle even deeper into a state of stillness. Clients often fall asleep during session.

Jaw dysfunction can lead to chipped and cracked teeth, headaches, difficulty sleeping, numbness in the face and even affects the alignment of your spine. Yet, jaw dysfunction rarely comes from tension within the jaw alone. The Upledger Institute discovered that 80% of clients with Jaw tension and pain, actually had their dominant tension pattern emanating from other parts of their body, often the lower back or neck, even though their lower back or neck was not as phsyically pained as their jaw which can be extra sensitive to tension. By treating a client’s nervous system, and unconsious body tensions first, it then becomes possible to release tension patterns held within the cranium, with the potential of these releases to stay open. Without first addresssing bodily tension patterns, a client might feel better for a few hours or days, but then quickly revert to their old patterns.

Andrew Weil. MD

Andrew Weil. MD

"Cranio... may benefit asthma, reoccurring ear infection in children, sleep disorders, and other conditions rooted in nervous system imbalances. I have found it to be safe and highly effective."

Dr. Andrew Weil

For toddler support

"I brought my six-month-old daughter to Joshua after she started banging her head and developed regular teeth-grinding. He'd explained to me that head-banging is often a way a child expresses a need to release tensions within their skull. After one session, Rio's head-banging and teeth-grinding has been drastically reduced."

Rio's Mother

For Pregnancy Support

"At 7 weeks pregnant, a pain developed deep within my pelvis. I went to my Doctor and Physical Therapist who both said I had “Pelvic Girdle Pain,” and nothing could be done. The whole thing was very upsetting…as I am a pre and post natal personal trainer. The craniosacral approach helped release the painful spasms I was experiencing. My tailbone felt like it settled where it should be—and I felt much better.”

Emily Begin - owner of Begin Fitness Inc.

Benefits of CranioSacral Process and Reiki

  • Boostings your general sense of well being

  • Reducing stress

  • Improving the quality of your sleep

  • Increasing your ability to stay focused

  • Enhancing the functioning of your body's organs.

  • Allows blocked emotions to flow through you more easily, instead of manifesting in your body as physical symptoms