What Reiki and Craniosacral Awareness can do for you. 


The benefits of integrating Craniosacral Awareness into Traditional Reiki sessions:

Slowing ones mind to the steadier, grounded speed of the body’s natural rhythm is the first stop of a life changing process. All the modalities I use within my practice, Craniosacral Awareness, Reiki and Realization Process help one’s mind settle until the client can become keenly aware of the tension patterns they are unconsciously creating, and therefore be able to let them go.

  • Reiki is the renowned energetic healing method from Japan which eliminates tension patterns and blockages throughout your body.  This modality is anecdotally known for it's "hand's off" ability to heal, even from long distances. However, when a client comes to an in-person Reiki session, it is up to the client if they would prefer direct contact or not.

  • Craniosacral Awareness is a subtle approach I've developed within the Reiki tradition which brings a heightened awareness to tensions which might be occurring within the cranium and spine. This more subtle awareness is incredibly beneficial to the client, especially one who is experience headaches, TMJ, concussion, back pains/spasm, chronic anxiety or other cranial and nervous system symptoms. Once the practitioner and client both can slow their attention and notice its pattern throughout an area, the pattern naturally begin to unwind. Its similar to having a tightened fist due to a sudden stress:  once you become conscious of the clenched fist, it will naturally begin to release. This is true even for more subtle tension patterns such as in the abdomen, neck or jaw, that we hold without even being conscious of it. By heightening our awareness, these unconscious patterns, become conscious and can begin to lose their grip.

  • My extensive training in Biodynamic and Upledger style Craniosacral work informs my Reiki sessions whenever applicable. Both approaches within the Reiki tradition are non-invasive, with the idea that addressing our deepest held tensions requires the most subtle awareness.

  • Unlike medical and other therapeutic modalities in which the chiropractor or therapist, releases the tension for the client, this approach teaches the client how to live in a different awareness so they no longer hold stresses in their body

  • By settling a client’s nervous system, and inviting them to be aware of the, subtle, slow flow of energy throughout their spine, head, heart and body, one segment at a time, their body can recalibrate, come back to balance, and return to health.

Benefits can include:

  • Boosts your general sense of well being

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Improves the quality of your sleep

  • Increases your ability to stay focused

  • Offers release from chronic symptoms

  • Enhances the functioning of your body's organs.

  • Often allows blocked emotions to flow through you more easily, instead of manifesting in your body as physical symptoms