Many clients have come to Craniosacral-East diagnosed with a mood, bi-polar or anxiety disorder.   Surprisingly, what they've found is not only has their physical symptoms, which brought them in, such as neck, back pain or Migrains found relief, but this work has also more deeply grounded them in their body reducing their emotional stresss.

This gentle approach is a wonderful complement to traditional medical and therapeutic methods for treating nervous system/anxiety based disorders.

What makes this work so helpful, is it helps a client find their body, their breathing, their inner structure as an incredibly grounding place to keep their awareness.   When a person with these types of swings can get used to staying grounded in their body, it reduces the tendency to go into their habitual, distressing cycles.

"I started seeing Joshua at the same time as I was diagnosed as bipolar and having wild swings. Although, I still go up and down some, it's nothing like when I first started doing this work. I highly recommend CST as a non-chemical support for mood disorders." - Jacky K.

Of course this work is not a substitute for appropriate medical attention.   I think you'll see from the testimonials below that this work can be a useful approach to managing a sometimes very challenging condition.