Cardivascular Therapy Study Group

We had a wonderful first study group with six people coming to Craniosacral-East. 

  1. We had a discussion of our work
  2. learned two new windows
  3. had a meditation (included here)
  4. Table time

We first discussed how important it is to find a way to introduce this work to our clients, give them reasonable expections, especially if they're used to massage the entire time.

We discussed two new holds, the inner ankle foot hold, just inferior of the ankle on the posterior tibial artery I believe.  Michael suggests in his DVD on the subject using crossed hands so it's easier on your anatomy.  First locate it on your own body before trying to find it on a client as the arteries are always near nerves and therefore sensitive.  The other hold on the carotid artery, which some of us felt was a bit compressive.  We've yet to get Michael's take on this hold, but it feel like it's only a good hold when a client is full settled or asleep, and perhaps even then the mind feels like it gets uncomfortable having anything touching its blood supply.  The reason I have been trying it out, is it's very easy to make contact with while doing work on the jaw and cranium.  Michael please comment.

Finally we discussed what we experience while in contact with our clients heart field.  Many of us perceived our clients opening up quite significantly from the work, but it wasn't obvious for us what language to use for what happens differently in this work than biodynamic cranio work. 

I shared how I sometimes had a feeling while doing this work of being aware of and being able to experience of the inside of my clients bodies almost as if just being in contact with their pulse, I could could open up people's restirctions, others found that imagery very intentional and invasive.  So we tried to find a wording and imagery that felt cohesive with the short teachings we'd all had.  Instead of overlapping, or merging or meeting our client's cardiovascular system, the word, resonating felt most healthy to our group.  And instead of us opening others restrictions, the work itself was doing opening. 

The issue however was really interesting and invigorating, and it seemed to me, as I took in my own response to it, that resonating with another person's heart field, touches upon our first, extended experience of sharing a heart field in utero.  Michael had taught, during his Biodynamic Craniosacral Class, that the heart is the first buffer between us and our mother's energy, as it is between the umbilical connection and our developing mind--therefore it is a buffer.  It makes sense then that doing this work with another person, therefore making something of a shared heart field, would bring up feelings that could be quite intense..  We all agreed that for that reason we had to be very careful to keep our grounding and connection to primary.  it felt clear that making contact with a person's cardiovascular system is much more intimate, immediate and potentially charged than being in contact with their craniosacral system. 

During our short trades we alternated craniosacral positions and holds, being in contact with primary within ourselves and outside ourselves, with cardiovascular therapy holds.   In my own sessions with clients, I've found I'm only ever drawn to do a cardiovascular hold once a client is deeply settled or asleep, which I think, helps me navigate my own relationship with a shared heart field and my earliest experience of that..  I hope in a future study group we can touch upon the issue of attunement, the early imprints which inform our experience of this, and how to create a clear space in our offices and selves to do this work effectively..