Pregnancy support:

This work gently supports the changes a woman experiences during pregnancy. It can offer relief from issues such as digestive troubles, reflux and pelvic floor cramping.

One of the most common comments women tell me about this work is it helps them let go of the noise of their mind so they can actually feel the living presence of their child.

Many of these women later tell me, after their child is born, that the work we'd done helping them slow down and become comfortable in their body had been helpful to them being comfortable nursing and being available for easy attachment with their newborn.

Pregnany pains helped by CST

I was experiencing reflux in my 4th month of pregnancy, and this work really reduced it. In my last trimester, it helped me release tensions in my chest and pelvis. What really surprised me is how it helped me drop so much of the stressful stuff I can get so involved in.
Pamela Warshay, Owner of Sage Fitness